Heavy Equipment Guide ProAll Mixer Featurette

May 4, 2017 | News

The ProAll Reimer Mixer Hydraulic System Featured In Heavy Equipment Guide

The development of the new Commander and Rangers cutting-edge hydraulics system required many upgrades over a more conventional and standard mobile mixer. One such improvement that we made, the use of precision filters and valves, was something Heavy Equipment Guide magazine paid special attention too.

Coordinating the motions of the various augers, belts and valves required to achieve the exact mix specified for each batch of concrete requires a sophisticated hydraulic control system with capabilities far beyond the simple directional valve and motor arrangement used on a drum-type mixer. ProAll’s newest model, the Commander, uses a multi-valve manifold to control the belt that delivers materials to the mixing auger in exact quantities according to a program entered into the system’s computer control via a touchscreen … ‘With the sophistication of the automated controls on our new mixer and the use of much more sensitive electro-hydraulic proportional valves, it is extremely critical that fluid cleanliness levels be maintained”.

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