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May 8, 2017 | News

ProAll Reimer Mixer Skyscraper Single Pour

ProAll Reimer Mixer project featured in Concrete Engineering International

A completely unique skyscraper has been poured using a single ProAll Reimer Mixer and has garnered international attention. Concrete Engineering International magazine, a fantastic publication from The Concrete Society, recently used this tower project as a featured article.

“For Sholem and Yoram Cimet, choosing a volumetric mixer meant a solution to several significant problems, and it was a vital component of the project’s success. However, as Yoram describes, the ramifications of this project may stretch much further. ‘Having the production of concrete on-site made a huge difference in the building’s construction. It was very cost-effective and proved to be a fast method of construction. I’m pretty sure other construction companies will start looking at the method and adopt it, as it worked wonders for us and I’m sure it would for anyone else. I’d like to say that I think the way this building has been constructed and the way it was designed architecturally and structurally will change the methods of construction in Mexico City and maybe worldwide.”

Read the full article using the link here.

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